8 Learning Modules

There are 8 modules here that will prepare you on the reality of working abroad. The examination will be based on these modules. Take time to study and learn from them.


Contains general information about concerns when working overseas such as physical mobility, relationships, income & expenses, career movement & direction, environment, skill set, and time.

Job Search

Contains specific information on the various application channels for overseas jobs, document requirements, and the importance of having an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).

Forewarned, Forarmed

Contains information on precautionary measures for illegal recruitment and various forms of illegal recruitment

The Price is right

Contains a list of required fees for pre-departure including placement fee rulings as well as government-mandated fees.

Seal the deal

Contains a list of minimum provisions required in the standard overseas employment contract.

Country Information

Continue to keep your options open; get to know more about the country you are interested in.

Healthy & Safe

Contains information about the top security and health risks that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) may encounter.

DMW Cares

Directory of the DMW regional offices and extension units.